PRBC Gift Guide – Last Minute Virtual Gifts

It happens to all of us – you’ve forgotten to get someone a gift and you’ve just realized it. You could brave the stores, but you’d like to survive and the thought of dealing the street traffic, much less the stores just makes you wish you could curl up and do anything else … evenRead the rest of this entry

Why Evergreen Stories Die

Evergreen stories mean the content is permanently fresh and always newsworthy – sounds like a media pitching slam dunk, right? Unfortunately, in today’s constantly moving news cycle evergreen stories don’t make it to air because they can be pushed for another day, and another day, and so often fall off a producer’s radar. I’ve heardRead the rest of this entry

Book it! Ideas for the Bookworm on your Holiday List

Show of virtual hands. How many of you have said at some point this year, “I’ve got to read that book by (insert author here)!” I’ll raise mine, because I’ve said this at least five or six times in 2013. Here at PRBC, we love to read and gain a better grasp of what isRead the rest of this entry

PRBC 2013 Gift Guide, Review and Giveaway: Findables

I’m a battery killer so it’s unlikely I’ll change from my battery case for my cell phone. But an interesting option did pop up recently and they are definitely worth a look. In fact, don’t tell my battery case but when I know I won’t need the extra juice, I swap it out for thisRead the rest of this entry

How to Maintain Your Credibility as a PR Pro (And Why It’s Important)

You might be tempted to think that anything goes in the world of PR and social media, that all is fair in love and war. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a very strict set of ethics you must follow as a PR professional and wavering from these can potentially harmRead the rest of this entry

What Women Want? A Woman Knows

State of the Union: Women in PR, Part 2 (See Part 1 here) Social is still a hot trend. Clients are demanding it, agencies are pitching it, and consumers are inundated with it. Social is a direct-to-consumer channel to reach influencers and build awareness, but there’s a real problem getting your message through the noise.Read the rest of this entry

Blogger Outreach Case Studies

Our friends over at GroupHigh have assembled some case studies on blogger outreach to help get your creative juices flowing for your next campaign. As they put it, it’s got everything from “The Harlem Globetrotters to The University of Georgia to Red Lobster” so something for everyone.Read the rest of this entry

State of the Union: Women in the PR, Part 1

Women in Leadership It’s a great time to be in the PR industry – shaping public perception of key issues, political figures, and new products coming to market.  Specifically, 2013 is a great year to be a woman in PR with plenty of room to push forward with networking playing a key role in makingRead the rest of this entry

Poor Customer Service Can Turn into a PR Nightmare

There is an old saying that people only remember you for the bad things. The same saying relates to PR and business. Customers often only remember a company for the bad things they have done and not the good things. This is why it’s important for companies to guard their public image. Here are aRead the rest of this entry

3 Reasons Your (Future) Boss Wants Leaders

A good GPA + PR experience + networking = your dream job after graduation If this is true for you, CONGRATULATIONS! If not, this post—and a BIG cyber hug—is for you. I graduated from college in May. Like most seniors, I put a lot of time and energy into my resume. One of my professorsRead the rest of this entry