Give it away…For free!

I recently had lunch with a woman I met at a client meeting a few months ago. This woman is making a career switch and wants to explore social media in her new position promoting events (she had little to no previous knowledge about SM). So, I happily accepted a lunch invitation to share my passion for social media with her.

After an hour and a half of talking blogs and Twitter, she was thrilled at the information I supplied, and was fortunately, not overwhelmed. Continue reading

Think Like an Entrepreneur

EntrepreneursHere’s my vision of what is one small component of what makes up a great PR professional: entrepreneurial spirit.

To me, entrepreneurial spirit is vital to making it in this business. An entrepreneur is a fighter. He is someone who is always looking one—or two—steps ahead of both the competition and his peers, and is actively finding a way to make the often difficult and impossible happen. And with flair. And gumption. And great success. Continue reading

Managing Agency Expectations

Businessman at desk shaking persons handThroughout your career as a PR professional at an agency, you will always have clients that you love and clients that you hate.  Ones that have a product or service that you feel really passionate about and love promoting, and some that make you scratch your head and say “How are they still in business?”  Regardless of how you feel towards your clients, your job is first and foremost to help them. It’s important to put aside any personal feelings and do the best you can- it will only help you in the long run through the experience you’ll gain and the reputation you’ll gain at your agency.

That being said, doesn’t a company who is looking to actually become a “client” have a certain responsibility as well? Continue reading

Not Mine. Not Yours. Ours.

Couple shaking hands with businessmanIt’s no secret that clients hire us for our contacts.  That our relationships are often the bait that gets them to sign on the dotted line.  But at the end of the contract, the course the agency’s relationship with the media has taken while representing said client has lasting benefits or consequences for both parties. Continue reading

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Computer on a table in front of chairsBefore I start this post, you should know more about my PR experience. While I was in college I interned in both fashion and book publicity. I was an active member of PRSSA, attended regional and national conferences, and held executive board positions. I did anything I could do to learn more about PR, from attending school workshops to conducting informational interviews with different companies. I was, and still am, a sponge when it came to PR. Looking back on it now, these experiences taught me what sectors of PR I thought I wanted to work in. After all that’s what college is for right? Continue reading

Letter To The Editor

Quill pen and ink well

We’ve got another one folks — a letter to the editor, oddly enough in the (oh so dear to my heart) “Dear Editor” format.  The writer?  A “PR Gal” who would prefer to remain nameless.

Dear Editor,

This isn’t working out.  The whole You-Me-Client trio. This fable we  laughingly call a relationship.

I’m done.  Simply put – this is the worst relationship I’ve ever been in and I’ve dated some losers.  I’m sick and tired of living in fear of you, quivering at your number on my caller ID, and getting panic-stricken at the sight of your e-mail address rolling into my inbox. Continue reading

Serve Your Employees

Business 3It’s been over five years since I first entered this biz.  In that time I’ve worked in a single small agency.  We don’t do a lot of office birthday party type celebrations but we’re all family.  There are a number of benefits to working in such a firm – the office manager doesn’t bean count days out, part days may not even count against your vacation/sick days, we’re all relatively familiar with each other’s clients, etc.

There are, however, a number of dangers of working in such an office.  After speaking with some flackery brethren at various events it seems a number of these are recurrent themes among small firms.

Some of these come with the territory and are difficult to fix.  Others can be easily fixed. Continue reading

A Blog By Any Other Name…

.Com Projected On Green WallThose of us that work in social media typically spend a majority of our time reading, researching and analyzing blogs. This task might sound like loads of fun, and it is for the most part, but there has been one particular thing that has been irking me lately: blog domain address names.

In a recent article from Blogging Teacher, the author looked at what the top 100 blogs can teach us about domain names. Overall he found that a shorter name is better, .com is awesome, and sub-domains prove difficult to remember.

Your domain address has the ability to make or break your blog.   Continue reading

Lady Gaga As a Brand

lady-gaga-paris-hilton1If you know me at all (follow me on Twitter, read my Tumblr blog, etc.), you know that I am unhealthily obsessed with Lady Gaga.  And if you live on the Planet Earth, then you know who the fabulous Gaga is.  Lately, as I’ve been talking to people about her, I’ve heard the same thing over and over- “I really don’t want to like her, but I just can’t help it!”.  This really struck me as interesting because I don’t think I’ve ever heard that about any other artist, past or present.  I decided that I wanted to explore her marketing, personal branding, and public image strategy to see why everyone is falling for Gaga.  And I promised #prbc that this post would be based on real examples, and not just an expression of my sheer infatuation (ok, ok, ok).  Oh why do we all love Lady Gaga so much? Continue reading