Is the Power of Social Media in Politics a Good Thing?

Social media is big. Bigger, in fact, than even the most liberal commentator would have predicted a decade ago. It influences every part of our life, where we go, what we do and how we do it, that includes playing a big part in politics. But is that a good thing?

In this two part series I will examine both sides of the social media in politics debate.

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Facebook’s Future

Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected.  Since launching in 2004, Facebook has changed what it means to connect online and has empowered billions to share.  But nearly a decade in, there is uncertainty about Facebook maintaining its top flight position due to changing demographics, competitors, copied innovation and a backlash to paid content strategy.   The assumption has been Facebook is easy, the de facto, must-use social platform.  A client says “we need social” – marketers would say “Facebook.”  As strategists we can’t just assume Facebook is a go to solution moving forward. Continue reading

Brand Crisis Comms: This Is How You Do It Right

brand crisis communicationsCrowdfunding giant Kickstarter hit a rough patch lately with some project misses (and some all-out fails), but one thing they’ve done right? Crisis communications, a notoriously complicated area for brands and businesses—and one that can, in many instances, determine overall brand image and sometimes even the ultimate success of a company. Continue reading