Your Innate Fallibility

7148596629_224a8bc7d1What is the worst feeling on earth for you? I’m not referring to tragic life events, I’m talking about those feelings that can happen any day of the week. For me, the worst feeling on earth is a combination of embarrassment and knowledge I was wrong about something. Being the former journalist I am, being wrong is not something I take kindly to. I was paid to be right. When I first started at KFRU in October of 2003, I was an arrogant and inexperienced reporter. I use the term “reporter” because I was nowhere near being a journalist as I quickly learned. Continue reading

Should Interns Be Paid or Unpaid?

Giving away cashIt’s one of the most hotly contested issues around right now. No we aren’t talking about Alex Rodriguez and Biogenesis. We aren’t even talking about Obamacare. The hot debate lately has been over whether interns should be paid or unpaid.

Over the last few weeks, this story has been front and center. On Aug. 14, the Lean In Foundation’s Editor-At-Large, Jessica Bennett, posted on her personal Facebook page that she was looking for a “part-time, unpaid” intern. The post had many positive responses, even \ from those who were interested in the part-time gig. It was the negative responses that really put fuel on the fire. Continue reading

The Blogger Approachability Conundrum

To me, bloggers are like pit bulls (I love pit bulls). Most of them are nice, loyal and even affectionate. But some really aggressive ones have given the whole species a bad name.

Because some bloggers have replied with grumpy emails or have even publicly criticized brands who try to approach them, many PR pros and marketers are stumped when it comes to choosing which bloggers to contact about potentially representing their brand. Continue reading