Christina’s Coffee Talk with Danny Brown

This week I sat down with Danny Brown, social media strategist for Maritz Canada, founder of 12for12k, and friend. Danny get’s his daily fix from little coffee shops like, Second Cup or Muddy Waters but says he really starts his day with PRBC’s e-mail updates. (Note: I quickly learned he’s a charmer).  He boasts about being […]

Geben Gives

If you’ve hung around the PR Breakfast Club for even a short amount of time, you know these bloggers subscribe to the “give more to get more” mantra. In fact, I’m amazed at how willing my “online” friends are to share information … give advice … lend an ear. But, generosity doesn’t stop there. It’s […]

What’s a Girl Like Me Doing Writing for a Blog Like This?

I’m sure all many of you are asking just that question—a former lawyer, banker, and hedge fund analyst who’s now running her own walkie-talkie rental company—what in the world is she doing writing for a PR blog? Just a short while ago, when I decided to work on What’s Your Twenty, Inc. <> full-time, I […]

Pageant Scandals or Publicity Stunts

Disclaimer (ugh, I hate disclaimers): …ok, background information: I used to compete in pageants. I don’t think this is a terrible surprise since I’ve talked about it before ( Pageants are good…pageants (Miss America Organization) ( give scholarship money…pageants helped me hone my interview and “stay cool under pressure” skills. Most importantly, I have made […]