Your Copy Sucks: The Press Release Mad-Lib

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Pen poised above dotted signature lineDon’t have time to write a press release? Just fill out this mad-lib and send that sucker in.

(name of company) Announces New (product or service) For (current season)

(Major city, state) (date) — Executives at (name of company) have unveiled plans for a new (product or service) just in time for (season, holiday, or major event). Such an (adjective) achievement is yet another indicator of economic recovery and (other good thing). Experts praised the new initiative as (adjective) and ground-breaking.

“We’ve been waiting to see this from (name of company) for quite some time,” (unknown professor or commentator) said in reaction to the news. “And we haven’t been disappointed. This (product or service) will change the way we do (kind of business).”

This announcement comes on the heels of (name of company)‘s (past achievement), (past achievement), and (another past achievement mostly for SEO purposes).

At the kick-off event, (name of company)‘s leadership made clear their enthusiasm for (product or service). VP (female name) was adamant regarding her support, saying, “(meaningless positive sentiments). It’s quite a (adjective) time for (name of company).”

(product or service) also received the thumbs up from celebrity spoksperson, (C-lister). Best known for (role in a short-lived drama or reality series), (C-lister) was there to cut the ribbon on (product or service), saying, “I’m so (adjective) to play a part in bringing (product or service) to the people who need it. I love (product or service) and I know the world will, too.”

About (name of company):

Founded in 1886, (name of company) is a leader in the field of (industry), providing creative solutions for a wide range of clients and service providers. Numerous awards have been bestowed upon (name of company), most notably the (unrecognizable name) Prize for excellence in the (positive adjective) world of (kind of business).

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  • Christina K

    Love this. Great job Teej

  • Evan E. Roberts

    hAHA between this and copy+paste, I'm set for an (insert adjective) career in PR!

  • keithtrivitt

    Simply brilliant!

  • Colleen Campbell

    LOL. This is fantastic!

  • Christa Marzan

    Another gem. Well done, TJ!

  • Dave Haynes – 16:9

    Oh yeah. Spot on. I have been banging away at people in my sector about this, but the crap keeps coming.

    My collection of shots and advice:

  • Roberta Vanderslice

    I wonder how many companies can even afford the C-lister anymore. Thanks for the big laugh, guys!

  • kmskala

    You forgot to give the fax numbers of all major media outlets. Could you please get those for me, too?

  • geekgiant

    Oh hell, I thought I had made this document private. Well done!

  • Karianne Stinson

    It's funny 'cause it's true… sometimes. Of course not by anyone that reads this blog. We know better!

  • Barry A. Martin


  • Miss Britt

    Something about this looks familiar….

  • SpinPhD

    guilty as charged

  • Jennifer Wilbur

    Can't wait to see the first one issued that actually uses the template. Love it!

  • CTMichaels

    tee hee hee

  • Shamekko

    As a pr newbie, now I know how *not* to write a release. Lol, thanks!

  • nickshin

    Disclosure: I'm the SEM and Social Media Specialist at Marketwire – new release distribution at

    I must say, what a convenient resource to help out fellow writers. Way to spill out your secrets. LOL!

    Nick @shinng

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