The 10 Commandments of Press Release Writing

For most folks considering PR as part of their marketing strategy the actual writing of a press release itself sometimes takes a backseat. Not so fast! Here are some rules to help you navigate the choppy waters of crafting the perfect press piece:Read the rest of this entry

5 Things a Young Pro Should Know Before Starting her Own Business

#1 Recognize the massive demand on your time Young female entrepreneurs are often shocked to learn how demanding it can be on their schedule and time. You will be working around the clock. You can’t afford to stop strategizing, planning, and selling both yourself and your business. Be prepared to make sacrifices.Read the rest of this entry

10 Reasons Why Wearing Google Glass is Going to Hurt

Everyone is inundated with news about Google Glass, the wearable computer the world wanted, but maybe isn’t the iteration the world needed. Let’s be honest – it’s not a fashionable wearable. Even people who need glasses hate glasses, with many opting for laser surgery or contacts. Sure, the ease of just using voice commands withRead the rest of this entry

What The 90’s Taught Us about Public Relations

Although I was born in the 80′s, I consider myself to be a full-blown 90′s child. The TV show Wishbone was where I first developed a love of history. If someone uses the word “bop,” my mind immediately goes to my first Bop It game and I want to yell back “Twist it – PullRead the rest of this entry

How to Score Winning Briefings

The media briefing is an effective tool for educating media and analysts on a vendor’s product or service, but it can be quite painful for both the editor and the company to suffer through a horrible briefing. For example, a bad briefing could be one in which the spokesperson is not providing usable information andRead the rest of this entry

For Release: PRBC Book Deal Finalized

In the grand PRBC tradition of just-post-spring PRBC announcements, we’ve got another one for you. The authors of PRBC have reluctantly signed on to a monumental book deal with Borders Group. And when we say the “authors of PRBC” we don’t just mean the current editorial staff – we mean every single contributor – 100+Read the rest of this entry

Review: Real-time Tracking with Keyhole is a real-time hashtag tracker for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s a visual dashboard that tracks keywords, hashtags and URLs. Using you can measure and amplify conversations around your brand and campaigns. For a reasonable price compared to other tracking services, you can also identify prospective clients and influencers who are talking aboutRead the rest of this entry

SXSW Poker – A Different Kind of Networking Event

With South by Southwest (SXSW) right around the corner, the digital and technology world’s attention will soon shift to Austin, Texas. SXSW veterans know that you go to that festival for two reasons: to learn and to network. Networking parties, receptions and events – both official and unofficial – dot the schedules of tens ofRead the rest of this entry

2014: The Year Private-Labels Become a Brand to Reckon With

National brands compete against traditional branded competitors, and increasingly are having to share shelf space with retailers’ private-label items in the same product category. Store brands are no longer “generics”; they are now a powerful brand in their own right.Read the rest of this entry

5 Ways for PR Pros to Relax, Slow Down and Reclaim Their Creativity

Augh! So much to do! So many clients! No time for fun or thinking outside the box, there’s just too much! Oh geez, another email! What do I do! Whoa, slow down there, killer. There’s plenty of ways for you to get all your work done and still have time for creativity and, yes, evenRead the rest of this entry