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5 Lyrics From the Purple One that Are Obviously About Marketing

I haven’t not had a copy of Purple Rain handily available since it came out on cassette. I definitely didn’t understand all of the lyrics (thank goodness!) but I knew I loved it. It was always special to me, introduced me to “The Artist,” (who always ended up in my college radio shows), and there isn’t anyone who doesn’t like at least one track (and if there are I don’t want to know them).  And so, without further adieu… Continue reading

5 Communications Lessons From Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters

I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to write this post, but what actually inspired it was a comment by the fantastic Jason Mollica over on the book of face. Without going into any further detail, here’s 5 comms lessons from Dave & Co.  NB: These could also be general professional and life lessons:

Continue reading

PRBC 2013 Gift Guide, Review and Giveaway: Findables

I’m a battery killer so it’s unlikely I’ll change from my battery case for my cell phone. But an interesting option did pop up recently and they are definitely worth a look. In fact, don’t tell my battery case but when I know I won’t need the extra juice, I swap it out for this new contender.  Continue reading

Special Offer on Grovo Online Video Training

As we mentioned a few weeks back, in the GroupHigh post, we’ve got a few special offers coming your way over the next few weeks and months.

This time around we’ve got an offer from Grovo – an online video training company. They offer a number of quick tutorials (over 3,500 by their own accounting), including quite a few on social and digital topics, including “Why Social Media Matters” and “Create a Facebook Page You’re Proud Of.” Continue reading