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We’re a pretty easy pitch.  We’re happy to post and discuss any well written article touching on Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media or any of the affiliated arts & sciences (even if they poke fun or critique us or anything we do).

The fun details:

  • Length – We follow the guideline given to @PRCog by a college professor during his first exam freshman year — articles (essays) should be “like a young lady’s skirt – long enough to cover everything, short enough to keep it interesting.”  Particularly long articles may be broken into parts in consultation with the author.
  • Copyright (or, “Who owns it”) – PRBreakfastClub believes you own your own work.  By having an article approved and published on PRBreakfastClub you agree to provide us a non-exclusive, perpetual license to publish said article.  Feel free to post it elsewhere, have it published elsewhere, etc.
  • No previously published content – We’re happy to let you reuse the content after it’s posted on PRBC, but we want to post it first, so please do not send us posts you posted on your personal or company blog after they’ve been published there or elsewhere.
  • Payment – We do not pay contributors.  We run the site as a way to exchange information and ideas on the communications arts & sciences. In our opinion it’s a decent trade – we publish sufficiently good works (i.e. give you a platform to show your stuff) in exchange for you providing us that content.
  • Promoting Events – Yes, we’ll even help you promote your event.  If you’ve got a PR panel or conference taking place, let us know.  Provided we think it’ll reach the right audience on our site we’ll let you promote the event with a bit of editorial foreshadowing – what’ll be covered, who’ll be there, how much it costs to attend, a link to the ticketing site, etc.  In exchange, we’d like some thought leadership from someone with your organization after the event.  That could be as simple as a slideshare of one of the presentations or video of a panel.  So while we’ll help you promote and ‘flyer’ your audience for you we’ll also want a bit of soapbox-ing in exchange.

To submit your idea drop the Chief Bottle Washer.

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…..a chance to start the day off right.