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PRBreakfastClub Briefing Book Podcast

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You can’t listen to every business podcast, in a timely manner, all the time. So let us here at the PRBreakfastClub Briefing Book Podcast find the gems in the public relations, marketing, social media, advertising, etc. podcasts out there.

Every week you’ll get a round-up of the best in the business. A tapas of tantalizing treats for your business ears that you can take to the water cooler, client meeting, or board room. Content that’ll make you smile, consider possibilities you hadn’t previously, or just learn something about the work of our fellow practitioners.

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Subscription links and submission page are coming soon (subscribe to the mailing list to not miss anything), but you can listen to our Episode 00 right here (Ep 0 will follow in a few weeks and then Ep 1 and our regular publication schedule).

We’re also proud to announce our initial content partners, below.

…..a chance to start the day off right.