For Release: PRBC Book Deal Finalized

In the grand PRBC tradition of just-post-spring PRBC announcements, we’ve got another one for you.

The authors of PRBC have reluctantly signed on to a monumental book deal with Borders Group. And when we say the “authors of PRBC” we don’t just mean the current editorial staff – we mean every single contributor – 100+ of em.

And when we say it’s a monumental book deal – we mean it. With each of those contributors offering just 400 words we’re looking at 40K words easily, more if we let our more wordy members be included, and it’s entirely possible we’ll simply take each and every post ever published on PRBC and include it there as well – without punctuation to make things fun.

Based on our current tag count, 75% of the posts will be about public relations (shocker), 70% social media, 67% Twitter, 30% grammar, 20% a.p. style rules, 0.15% the A&P supermarket chain and 10% random rantings.

For an easier to understand version of this news, please watch this short video.


Image courtesy flickr user ADoseofShipBoy