PRBC 2013 Gift Guide, Review and Giveaway: Findables

I’m a battery killer so it’s unlikely I’ll change from my battery case for my cell phone. But an interesting option did pop up recently and they are definitely worth a look. In fact, don’t tell my battery case but when I know I won’t need the extra juice, I swap it out for this new contender. 

Findables cases are on the surface your run of the mill snap-on / slide on hard case. A nice brushed feel that’s not as tacky (in the sticky sense) as silicon, so none of that remnant dust, but not as slick as glass or other polished materials. Lightweight but sturdy it seems to give what you’d like from such a case – a first line of defense from the elements and human clumsiness. Some of the cases are more feature rich than others – a variety of the iPhone case has a kickstand and some are even glow in the dark.

The real magic comes from an embedded QR code and downloadable app (iPhone and Android). Each QR code links to a personalized information page at the Findables domain.

Upon receipt of your case you scan the code with the app, make a few profiles – personal, business and ‘lost’ – and you’re done. Now when you want to give someone your contact info you just show them your case, let them scan your code and they have your info and the option to download an auto-generated business card file with your contact info. No cards to lose or get tossed or worn down – your info is ready to go on their system.

And yes – I did say profiles – plural. You can make up to three profiles. The defaults are listed above, but could also come in handy for freelancers who also have full time jobs, or are part-time Etsy sellers, etc. It’s also handy if you’ve got a day job and happen to run a PR blog. The third profile is a “lost” profile, in which you provide alternate contact methods and information.

Perhaps the most interesting part is profiles can be changed on the fly from the app so going from board room to PTA meeting can be seamless and simple

Essentially the only improvement I’d like to see is the sale of standalone QR codes on stickers (or other items – pendants, cufflinks even) to supplement the ones on your case so they could be added to existing cases (including those of other devices such as tablets) or sales materials (for folks who don’t lead two lives). Interestingly, this was a feature in the Findables Kickstarter round but is no longer an option. That being said, there’s nothing to prevent you from creating your own QR code with the same link.

Is the product worth $20-$30? When everything besides the case could be done for free (QR codes plus an page or customized landing page on any platform)? Yes – especially if you’re in need of a case to begin with.

This is one of the few products that is so turnkey and well integrated that it makes it worth the money when you consider you’ll be buying a case anyway and that setting up all of those other systems can be time consuming, frustrating and could easily end up not being worthwhile it things aren’t seamless. If you’re spending the money on a case, the product might as well multi-task. Of course your own mileage and practicality may vary – if your peers aren’t particularly tech-savvy then you won’t get quite as much use as someone who finds themselves at conferences all the time, but that’s for you to decide.

And…As a special offer right now – In time for the holidays get an iPhone 5 Blue & Orange Findables Kickstand case. Tweet why we should give you this case to you – be sure to include the #prbc hashtag and a link back to this post. Best reason (or most entertaining) wins! Deadline for tweets is 11:59pm Eastern time on Dec. 10, 2013.  We’ll pick a winner on Dec. 11th.

Disclaimer: Findables provided PRBC with 2 free cases – a review unit and the unit we’re giving away above.