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5 Ways to Step Up Your Infographics

steps 10pcThere was a time when simply creating and sharing an infographic would net you a ridiculous amount of attention. Those days are long gone because now everyone has figured out the importance of visual content and therefore infographics are used much more frequently. Now, the space is competitive.

Your infographic has to be both more compelling and informative than the next. That’s not the easiest thing to accomplish, especially when you’re working with a particularly boring or dull topic. Continue reading

5 Ways Data Can Improve Your Campaign

data photo
Photo by justgrimes

There is an old saying that knowledge is power, and this can also be applied to your social media campaigns. Knowing the data behind why people click on a particular post, what makes your site visitors share that post and who exactly is reading your content can result in a more targeted campaign that has a higher success rate. Continue reading

A Guide to Infographics

Infographics are gaining popularity and are being used more frequently as a complement to thoughtful content and to increase SEO.

Since infographics usually present complex information or data visualization quickly and clearly, they are popular with PR professionals and a great resource for journalists.

As some journalists are still new to utilizing infographics, talkTECH Communications (for which I consult) wanted to show how it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3… and so, of course, made an infographic: Continue reading