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PRBC Gift Guide – Last Minute Virtual Gifts

It happens to all of us – you’ve forgotten to get someone a gift and you’ve just realized it. You could brave the stores, but you’d like to survive and the thought of dealing the street traffic, much less the stores just makes you wish you could curl up and do anything else … evenRead the rest of this entry

Your Innate Fallibility

What is the worst feeling on earth for you? I’m not referring to tragic life events, I’m talking about those feelings that can happen any day of the week. For me, the worst feeling on earth is a combination of embarrassment and knowledge I was wrong about something. Being the former journalist I am, beingRead the rest of this entry

Could Google+ Overtake Facebook By 2016

The running joke in social media circles is that Google+ is a wasteland. No one goes there or pays attention to anything posted there. Facebook and Twitter remain royalty with all other networks orbiting them. The more this myth is believed by communications pros, the more we do a disservice to ourselves and to ourRead the rest of this entry

Drive By Crisis

/* < ![CDATA[ */ var quicktagsL10n = { quickLinks: "(Quick Links)", wordLookup: "Enter a word to look up:", dictionaryLookup: "Dictionary lookup", lookup: "lookup", closeAllOpenTags: "Close all open tags", closeTags: "close viagra tablets tags”, enterURL: “Enter the URL”, enterImageURL: “Enter the URL of the image”, enterImageDescription: “Enter a description of the image”, fullscreen: “fullscreen”, toggleFullscreen: “ToggleRead the rest of this entry

Progressive Insurance Does Not Deserve Your Business

I’m fortunate to be connected to hundreds of outstanding public relations and marketing professionals. All of them are fantastic at their job, and I’m a smarter person for just knowing them (that includes the proprietor of this blog, and the many contributors). Given all the good I see the industry accomplishing each day, at leastRead the rest of this entry

Burning Bridges

Burning bridges. Is there ever a good or right time to do it? Niki Pocock has a post on that at her blog It’s All Wrong, which she spends asking that question. I have the feeling this is not a yes or no kind of topic, rather it will depend on who you are as aRead the rest of this entry

The Summer Week That Was: July 14-20

The Dark Knight Rises comes out today, in case you hadn’t heard. I will include one link to a TDKR-related article, but that’s it. I promise. I assume most of you will spend the weekend in a line waiting to get into the movie, so here’s to you. Me? Well…I’ll probably do the same. OntoRead the rest of this entry

Special Edition: Don’t Punish Penn State, Punish People

I’ll admit upfront that the headline here is a bit of a linkbait, and that you are probably furious at me right now for having the gall to type such a sentence in light of the Freeh report that was released Thursday morning. We all know the horrific details of the Jerry Sandusky case, and I don’t really have theRead the rest of this entry

The Death Of Sanity

I’ll warn you now. This is a rant. There’s been a whole batch of stupidity that’s been…upsetting…me lately. I won’t bore you with the entire list, but I finally found an outlet I could unleash this…upsetness (is that a word? I don’t care.) on. Enter CBS Television. Don’t worry. If they somehow came to theirRead the rest of this entry

The Summer Week That Was June 2-June 8

This is my first “curating” post for PRBC. I’ve compiled an impressive list of links for you from all corners of the Internet. There is zero rhyme or reason to these other than I found them interesting, they made me laugh, or I think you should pay attention to them. In some cases, all three.Read the rest of this entry