“Dear Flack” is Back!

If you are a longtime reader of PR Breakfast Club, you might remember our popular Dear Flack column.

After a brief hiatus, we’ve decided to resurrect our advice column so we can answer all of your pressing questions about the public relations and social media world.  From co-worker crises to career changes, we cover it all.

In the past we’ve tackled topics such as PR dry spells, fashion choices, and how to develop leadership skills.

If there’s something you’ve always wondered about, or wanted to ask, e-mail dearflack@gmail.com. Advice is based on both personal experience and input from members of the PR Breakfast Club, as well as our extensive network of expert sources.

Please note: We take privacy very seriously and all names, companies, and locations will remain confidential.

So send us your questions, and let Dear Flack take care of the rest.

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  • Anonymous

    I have only been following PR Breakfast Club for a short while now, but I am finding it to be one of the more interactive blogs that I follow. I having been studying public relations for the past couple years in school, but do not have a lot of experience outside of school. I was not following when the Dear Flack column was around, but it sounds like a useful tool that I will pass on to others. I just started my own blog and what I am learning from reading blogs like this one is how important engaging and communicating with the audience is. I always feel like my comments on this blog will be noticed. I really appreciate the interaction PR Breakfast Club has to offer. Dear Flack only adds to the interaction you already have. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Whitney, thanks for the kind words! We appreciate you spreading the word about “Dear Flack.”

  • Heather Caldwell

    I too am a recent follower of your blog and have really enjoyed reading it.  I really like reading about a variety of topics and you guys always make it entertaining.  Also I enjoy posting comments because of the interaction not only from the others but other people commenting on the posts.  I can’t wait to start reading the Dear Flack column as it sounds like another great addition to the club.  I have business and marketing degree but my work experience hasn’t followed my marketing/pr hopes yet and I recently started grad school with a PR emphasis to hopefully break into the PR field, so it’s great to  read about real world experiences.

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