Breaking News: PRBC member breaks off, does own thing!

tree at sunsetOk, ok. Cool it. No one’s going anywhere. The PR Breakfast Club is alive and well. I just wanted to have a little fun. Muwahaha!

I believe that after nearly two months of existence now, the eleven lovely members of PRBC have received some welcome commentary on this site from friends, colleagues and (yay!) fans. Let’s get even more interactive here. And be nice!

Negate the fact that many of us have our own blogs and some contribute to our company/firm blogs. Who do you think would leave the PR Breakfast Club and pull a Sammy Hagar and totally bite it? Or the opposite? “Remember us little people when you are famous, Jess!”

Will CT Michaels head off into the sunset to blog on white pants? Will Christina ditch us to author a relationship advice blog? Will I start-up my own “Coffee Addicts Anonymous” community blog? Please, the funnier, the better. We appreciate comments and feel a lot of you know us well enough to participate. If not, one of us can always be blackmailed and pitted against the other. I also expect PRBC participation here, team!

Have fun! And seriously, be nice. Or Cog will block your IP address from this website.

[Editor’s Note:  She is, of course, kidding about the IP blocking.  I’ll block your whole city 🙂 ]

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