Can You be a Success in SM and Still Have a Real Life?

Broken heart shaped biscuit on dish by cup of coffeeThe innumerable articles and blog posts that have spawned from the Vanity Fair “tweetheart”article have been well…innumerable. Here’s another one.

Stefanie Michaels’s (1.4 million followers) husband considers himself a “twidower.” He says his wife found Twitter and dropped him. Ouch. I’ve received some of my own backlash from friends and family. It’s more like mockery, but I’ve gotten less than stellar feedback from my non-Twitter friends on my commitment to this social medium. I’ve even had to create BlackBerry rules for myself (…which I sometimes follow) so I don’t dismiss the company I’m in for the ambient glow of UberTwitter.

Facebook, Twitter, etc. require attention and steady commitment. I found the more I tweeted, the more followers I gained on Twitter. Seems more often my head is down, focused on the 2.5 inch screen of my smartphone and I don’t keep the Tweeting to my office hours.

So I’d like to think the obvious answer here is “yes, Kate. You can have a great SM presence and have a real life.” But lend me your thoughts. Where have you run into real life snags? Does anyone in your real life resent your social media involvement? Or has it enhanced your real life?

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