On Your Way To Being Diagnosed with Social Media Anxiety Disorder?

Close up of a stack of brown paper bagsEach morning when I wake up, read an interesting article and want to share it with my social community I begin to hyperventilate (not actually … yet … but I think its coming). The countless options I currently have to participate in the social world are beginning to create an anxiety problem. Should I Tweet or Facebook or Buzz … and enter paper bag.  It made me wonder – with a new social networking site popping up each month and workloads increased thanks to the rough economy, will brands and their key executives take a step back from social media in fear they will not be able to communicate effectively? Maybe not just yet but we are on that path.

So what can executives do to not exhaust themselves in the social space but still have a significant presence in order to build business connections in the social world? Here are some not so difficult tips, some of which have been touched on previously, to get you on your way:

  • Start small – choose one platform to be a part of and commit to building your presence on there first, before jumping on one or more new platforms
  • Choose the platform that is best for your business – it maybe better for you to use LinkedIn to reach your audience, as opposed to Twitter. Weigh your options on what platform will help you build your business best and commit to it.
  • Develop a strategy! Creating a strategy is essential for any foray into the social space. Participating in a social networking site half-heartedly and without a particular goal in mind is a waste of your time and the businesses money.
  • If you want business stick to the business – As a brand or business don’t join a network just to tell people what you had for lunch or about how your commute to work was awful. If you are going to use a social networking site for business make sure you be a thought leader in your industry and talk BUSINESS!
  • Develop a timeline and stick to it! If you set a goal for yourself on how much time you will dedicate to being an active member of the social community each day and stick to it you will slowly but surely see the positives of social networking.
  • It’s ok to ask for help! Although most executives would like to think they are super heroes the reality is we are all human. If you don’t think you are going to be able to find time to meet your goal – ask a colleague to help you out, or “guest post” on your behalf. It’s not a crime if you are open with your followers.

Social media has quickly becoming an everyday part of our lives. In an effort to avoid social burnout start slow, move at your own pace and eventually you will reap the benefits of social media in the business world.

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