Television Advertising..Can I have a Bucket please?

Businesswoman Pointing To SignI’m not sure if anyone has noticed television commercials recently, but they have become the most unrealistic and stupid commercials that just make me annoyed while watching making me change the channel. Commercials used to be fun. What happened? Why can’t commercials these days be like the Coco Puffs commercials from the 90s? You know, the one with the coo-coo bird who goes coo-coo over cocoa puffs? Unfortunately, we have lost the creativity and are now all victims to see the abominations that ad agencies come up with. Below are two examples of the nonsense we endure every night.

JIF Peanut Butter – The College Care Package…
If you haven’t seen this commercial, be glad.

This dreadful commercial depicts a concerned parent sending a care package to her daughter at college. Okay great, I loved care packages in college and I love seeing people get care packages, especially containing JIF Peanut butter. Come on, who doesn’t love peanut butter and hot sauce sandwiches?

Regardless, this commercial depicts a mother talking on the phone with her daughter about nonsense, the birds, the bees, while the daughter is eating peanut butter. A voice over starts “It’s more than the creamy peanut taste, choosing JIF shows someone how much you care.”

Blah blah blah, it’s fricken peanut butter people. Peanut butter doesn’t bring people together, it makes them fat. FAT!! Sorry advertising agency, if someone sent me JIF peanut butter in college, regardless how excited I was to make a peanut butter and hot sauce sandwich, I would not call up my family to tell them I loved them.  And who eats peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon??? Sorry, but we are in an obesity epidemic, I don’t think that should be your message.

Folgers Coffee – The Proposal
Over a cup of coffee…
“Late night last night?” say’s Pa.
“I’m not a kid anymore PA” say’s the Daughter
“I know,” says Pa.
“But you won’t have to worry about that anymore” says daughter, flaunting her new engagement ring.
“I know, that’s what I told Ted the other night when we talked.” says PA

Are you kidding me? People don’t act like that. A more realistic commercial would be the girl showing off her ring and the father throwing coffee at her boyfriend for stealing her away. That would be a great ad for Folgers, “The best part of waking up, is Folgers in his face…” with the little jingle, of course. Seriously, this commercial runs so often I seriously get nauseous every single time it comes on the screen. Who comes up with this crap? Does this scream to go out and buy Folgers? Nope. More like, “You just made me vomit, and now I’m headed to Starbucks.”

Seriously what’s the deal with television commercials these days? I understand advertisers are trying to be more creative day after day, but come on, don’t make us reach for a bucket. What other commercials get you to say “That is the dumbest commercial ever made?”

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  • Umm, I eat Peanut Butter with a spoon from the jar (and JIF brand too). What I don't get is how she's speaking with a mouth full of PB.

  • jeffespo

    CT – the spoon is quite common for those of us that do not use our hands to eat. And like Cog noted how does she speak with PB in her mouth? Seriously unbelievable. Still never seen the commercial, but have seen the Folgers one which I hate with a passion.

    Now can you explain why you don't use Tivo or a DVR to avoid commercials?

  • KeriT

    The commercial that kills me is the “What's a 13 letter answer for marriage proposal? … He went to Jared.” Ugh. Gross. But it's really no surprise given that Jared's sap/unrealistic level has consistently been off the charts.

  • Yeah, that commercial always says to me, “Women only care about money and status, and they could care less about building healthy, long-lasting relationships with anyone, but GUYS. Look. It sparkles.”

  • Theresa Weston

    Interesting point of view, however I have to say I completely disagree with both of your opinions—I think that yes, advertisers are challenged in today’s oversaturated media market, but simultaneously both of these commercials are cognizant of what the people want. In a down market, people are re-focusing on the importance of family, family values, and let’s face it—the simple things, not the luxuries most of us can no longer afford.
    I think the Jif commercial is great, when I was away at school I pined for a taste of home (pun intended!) and I used to love receiving peanut butter. Commercials are geared to make us feel good, not be reminded of the obesity pandemic and our calorie counts for the day—and this commercial does just that. I feel the same way with the Folgers commercial, perhaps we don’t have such “smooth conversation” at the breakfast table, but I don’t want to see families fighting, I want a feel good reminder that things are okay and simple—whether in my cup of coffee or on my spoon.
    In conclusion: instinctually you get that these are feel good commercials delivering the message of simplicity—if you’re going to attack commercial advertising, attack the over the top, in your face commercials that have no relation to their message or their product.

  • I eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon.

  • to lazy to make a sandwich?

  • Eh, they don't make me feel good, hence my choice of commercials 😉 where's the beef?

  • Yeah, I got so fat from eating peanut butter that I'm just too lazy to make the sandwich.

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  • disgruntledstudent

    LMAO, I completely agree with Michaels!!! I haven't seen the JIF commercial, but I've seen the Folgers commercial a few times and it makes me angry each time I see it.

  • They say sillyness sales. Have you ever seen the Goodyear tire commercial, when the car runs over the cartoon characters? Haha