Act of Nature and Lifetime TV

Television set in swimming poolEver wonder what would happen if the world ended? Well this past weekend the world almost did. For those of us in the northeast we all were exposed to the most disgusting form of weather…torrential downpours in a city. It’s not like torrential downpour in the country, its okay there…you always drive everywhere, in the city…Not so much. Life shuts down worse than when it snows.

I was totally ready to stay in and enjoy my time, save some money, do some work, catch up on TV, but I ran into a problem. For months a movie has been being pushed on Lifetime TV, “Who is Clark Rockefeller?” It’s based on a true story, seemingly dramatic, and appeared to be a night of entertainment, I was exciting to find out that the movie was debuting when I was stranded in my house!

I’m sitting down, watching the movie, all into it, and about an hour into it, the screen goes black. Black. I switch rooms, black TV. I go to the third room in my spacious apartment, black screen. All the other channels are working, what happened? Lifetime TV was off the air! Beyond my dismay for not being able to see the movie that I have been pumped about, I wondered what could have happened.

Turns out, through inside sources, that Lifetime TV in general was disrupted. Not only in the tri-state area, but across the country. Our lovely tropical storm in New York City knocked out Lifetime TV! I never thought something could knock that station out but it happened. So to the tie in of the post…Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent by advertisers for this movie debut, but nobody got to see them…and let me tell you, the ratings for this movie were doing amazing until the catastrophe.

So what happens? It’s not really Lifetime TV’s fault that a monsoon hit the northeast, so why should they be responsible for the loss of airtime for advertisers? They are obviously never going to win that battle, but is it really ethically correct? Can’t these advertisers just find another spot? Wait till the next amazingly awesome original Lifetime TV movie and get an I.O.U?

Sorry but I think the advertisers should just suck it up and deal with it, act like it was a lotto ticket with losing numbers. Just move on kids.

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