What a Great Move

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Tiger Woods apologizes for irresponsible and selfish behavior in FloridaStacked Deck – Every flack likes controlling an interview situation as much as they can. The course is private and the only folks to get in will be credentialed or have tickets. According to the PGA’s site: the Masters is more restrictive of media credentials than any other major, and it is the one tournament where the media is not allowed inside the ropes, so chances are that the TMZ’s and Talk Soups of the world will not be granted access to the course. In a sense, the PGA can pull out a wild card and only offer press passes to the regular golf writers making the event pretty sterile.

Comfort Zone – Woods is very comfortable with the course and has a ton of success on it. The 34-year old has won the tournament four times (tied for second all-time) and it is the site of his first major in just his sophomore season. It is also where he became an icon – the perfect place to reinvent himself or to prove critics wrong.

Focus is Golf – Much like Wrigley and Fenway are symbols of baseball, Augusta National is an icon to the golf world. The tournament is one of golf’s must watch events and, much like the near century-old stadiums previously mentioned, the venue keeps golf at center stage. This focus helps Woods in his quest to avoid the media circus and questions about texts, family and a car crash.

One Word…Win – Perhaps the biggest PR move that can happen that weekend can’t be done by any flack. It is also something that everyone tuning in is hoping to witness – a win by Woods. Think about it, with a ‘W,’ the story turns into the golfer winning his first Major since 2008 and how his quest to best Jack is back on track.

At the end of the day we’re looking at the PR for an athlete not Tiger Woods as a person – separate the two and you can see it as a genius move or side with Mike and tear my thoughts to shreds. No matter what side of the fence you fall on, it should be interesting to watch come starting April 5.

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