The Morning Show Show-Down

Sunrise in the Florida Keys - Big Pine Key, FloridaAlright, I’ll admit it. I love PIX morning news. I watch it almost everyday. I feel that Sukanya Kristian is my sister and John Mueller is my uncle. I get sad when they are not on and are replaced by the 2nd tier anchors. Why more people don’t watch PIX morning news baffles me. It is the most fun and laid back pre-9am news program that gets me ready for my day while i’m putting on my underwear and otherwise getting ready for the day. I don’t understand why PIX news isn’t the preferred choice by all. I also don’t understand who watches Good Day New York, but that’s just me…

Some people love the national news programs, The Early Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America…These are probably the most popular national news programs. Then of course there is Fox and Friends, Morning Joe, etc., but aren’t on the same level as the other three. (I do love Fox and Friends though. They have the best looking anchors on TV) So as I was thinking of what to write I asked around what people preferred in their morning programs. Assuming everyone would choose one of the following: The Early Show, The Today Show, or Good Morning America – Those who answered definitely all fell in the same categories though.

People who said The Early Show were typically my age. 20-25ish and they said that they prefer the CBS Early Show because it’s the first channel when they turn on the TV in the morning and they are too tired to change it. Some mentioned that they like the people, but when I asked who the people are on the show, they had no idea. Well at least CBS has that going for them, it’s the lazy person’s show. (I do like The Early Show because I love Julie Chen because she hosts Big Brother…It is my dream to be on that show and a dream to meet the lovely host).

The next on the list was The Today Show. These people were older, in their thirties, and they all knew who the anchors were. Hey I even know who the anchors are on the Today Show! That one dude that went to my college and hosts that show on Food Network, AL Roker was a very popular choice. Of course, the host of Millionaire, Meredith Viera was a very popular mention. So two people mentioned is pretty good! Someone even told me they like the Today Show because of all the people that stand outside and watch the program from the street. Not one person mentioned they watch it for the news…”The Today Show would be 100% better if Kathie Lee and Hoda did the whole three hours by themselves while drinking ‘special punch.'”

Finally Good Morning America, and the response…I Like it because I have to…

Someone told me they preferred Live! With Regis and Kelly…God help the souls that get ‘News’ from Kelly Ripa…So I open up the question to the internet…What morning news show do you prefer?

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