The PR Fairytale

Woman sitting with child on lap, reading storybookThere once was a young maiden named Enchantra. She was a beautiful young lady with fair skin and high hopes.

Enchantra’s life was perfect. She lived atop a beautiful castle, had an adoring prince charming to keep her company and she had a cute wardrobe to boot!

The best part of Enchantra’s life however, was her job. She was a PR professional working in the King’s office as chief director of public affairs. With a college degree and years of experience, Enchantra was highly appreciated and doted on in her work life. How could she not be? Take a look at her recap of the last week’s activities:

Monday: Got a manicure and then went into the office at 10am. Called the Far Far Away Times and landed a placement for the King on the front page of Tuesday’s issue.

Tuesday: Received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the King and his wife thanking her for all of her outstanding work.

Wednesday: Had a three hour lunch with the most interesting blogger she has yet to meet. This blogger, with one million reads a day, said he would love to write a weekly post on the King and all of the wonderful work he does. Oh yes, and Enchantra could get advance copies to be sure everything was accurate.

Thursday: Enchantra got disappointing news that the national television segment she booked for the King was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. But ten minutes later, the producer called back to say they could fit the King in for the following week.

Friday: Enchantra’s intern plopped a clipbook on her desk that weighed close to 20 pounds. And that was only for 3 weeks!

Ahh, the enchanted life of this PR professional…

And then Kate woke up…

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