A Thank You Letter to Fans

Businessman Standing on Steps Outside Talking Through a Megaphone, Large Group of Business People Listening and ApplaudingDear the fans of the world,

We wouldn’t be able to do our jobs without you. It’s a constant surprise that, no matter what the product or service we’re flacking, there you are, being a fan. You’re fans of everything, from truck tires to gardening tools. You’re the everyday experts and armchair critics. You know more about your fannish world than almost anyone.

PR and marketing people have a lot of names for you; “influencers” and “superfans” seem to be the current favorites. If I had to guess, I would say these terms came into fashion to better show how important you all can be, but this is a love letter for all the fans, from the guy who runs an entire fan website dedicated to a TV show to the lady who goes out of her way to tell all her friends about a new store. Thanks to all y’all.

Thanks for getting excited about the things we’re working on. Thanks for asking tons of questions about what’s coming up next. Thanks for chatting about everything on Facebook and Twitter, but also in real life in real time. Thanks for blogging, but also for chatting in bars.

I can’t imagine a more perfect love than that between a fan and the object of fannishness. We aren’t paying you to review our product or talk about our industry; you’re doing it out of genuine love for whatever it is.

And here’s the hippy twist: we’re all fans of something. So this is a thank-you note for everyone.

So. What are you a fan of today?

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