Case Study: Communicating with a Celebrity on Twitter

As much as I hear all of the complaints about celebrities and Twitter, there are times when I absolutely love the fact that celebrities tweet.

We can talk all we want about how some celebs “are doing it wrong,” and how they rarely, if ever, interact with their followers. Then, there comes that one moment in time, where you have a shot at a celebrity recognizing your existence, or in this case my son’s.

I hereby present to you:

Case Study: How did my husband and I get Billy Corgan (front man of the Smashing Pumpkins and childhood/adulthood obsession) to interact with us on Twitter?

Believe me, I realize this might sound crazy, but then again, it’s still super cool!

Follow the Celebrity. You must follow the celebrity on Twitter and actually pay attention to what and who the person tweets with. My husband and I noticed that Billy likes to chat a lot with his girlfriend on Twitter. Therefore we concluded that if we get her attention, we might be able to get his.

Think of something unique and relevant. Sure you could @ a celebrity all day long and he/she might not ever respond. Realistically, who knows if they ever even read replies?  In fact, I’m sure if I was famous and received thousands of replies a day to sift through, I probably wouldn’t read half of them.  Yet, if you were to offer up something extremely unique, you might stand a tiny chance of getting that recognition.

Don’t be afraid to tweet it, you never know. For the most part, I refrain from trying to get Billy’s attention on Twitter. I have a professional reputation to uphold. So on Halloween, my husband and I decided to just go for it. See, we dressed up our four month old as a mini Billy Corgan. Then we sent the picture to not only Billy, but to his girlfriend asking her to show it to him.

Be patient and avoid looking insane. We just sent it out into cyberspace once, we didn’t keep tweeting it out repeatedly for attention. Of course we got a few replies and RTs because really, nothing is cuter than a small rock star right?

Watch it go viral. Then a few hours later, Billy RT’d my husband’s tweet.

As soon as Billy tweeted out the link to a photo of our son, it went viral. The Smashing Pumpkins posted it on their Facebook Fan Page and the tweets were rolling in. For a brief moment in time, our son was internet famous.

Have you had any celebrity tweeting experiences? Is there that one celebrity you would love to respond to you? Be sure to share below!

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  • Gregory311

    Having killed my initial response that was quite lengthy, I’ll tighten it up a bit.

    This might just be the creepiest thing I have ever read. Perhaps you can change the title to “Case Study: How to be a more efficient stalker.”

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps, I should have included the warning “Before reading, have a sense of humor.” It’s meant to be all in fun.

      • Gregory311

        Still creepy, even in jest. We’re obviously dogs of a different breed.

        • Anonymous

          Or perhaps we like different celebrities? I’m sure that there has to be one famous person you would be excited to receive a tweet from…or maybe not. In any case thanks for reading the post!

    • Oh there are way more ways to become a stalker than this, bud. I’m a master at stalking. Everyone watch out.

  • I once tweeted at LiLo, but she didn’t tweet me back. I also tweeted at Danielle Staub when she said on the housewife reunion that she always responds back to everyone who tweets at her…she didn’t though. Dropped a bunch of fan points in my book 🙁

    I think the biggest public figure that tweeted at me though would be @PRCog 😉

  • I’m kind of shocked at the negative response from Gregory311, I mean, nothing about this implies stalking. She takes a focused, strategic approach to get the attention of a celeb she admires, and succeeds. And then it’s over. with stalking, it’s never over and the intentions aren’t as innocent.

    Gregory311, that’s quite the accusation, and while you may not have meant it so strongly (or you may have), it was still out of line.

  • Kymbr_log

    I think this is so awesome. It really gives me motivation to never give up on tweeting a celebrity. I guess there are many times where you feel as though they dont have much time for you so theres no need to tweet them at all. But reading this post gave me some insightful knowledge on what I can do to get some attention from the celebrity people that I follow on the daily.