Flack Wanted – Department of Winter

Over the past few months, you may have noticed that the weather outside has become increasingly colder. While it might seem alarming, it is actually one of the year’s four seasons, albeit one that comes with some detractors.

Unfortunately, the season has been hit by a lot of bad press lately and has not done a great job marketing or branding itself. For every great story, ad or video on a ski resort or some outdoor hockey game, there are three or four negative mentions. These range from a NYC plowing fiasco to newscasts reporting accidents and the Twitteratti claiming the end of humanity as we know it with hashtags for #Snopacolypse, #snoloko or #snowmaggedeon.

Reading the paper during the latest storm in the Boston area, I came across an interesting job listing for a PR person in the Department of Winter that read:

WANTED – PR pro with 3-5 years experience to serve as manager of communications and community in the department of Winter. The winter season is under attack from the south-facing media perpetuating for eternal summer. The world has forgotten the joys of winter from snowman building to skiing and walking in a winter wonderland as the social consciousness has shifted to the doom and gloom portrayed by news outlets.

Responsibilities include community outreach events to influential media, bloggers and social pundits to build a grassroots movement for the season. Travel is a must between our offices in the North Pole, Vermont, Maine, Colorado as well as some urban area’s for snow day celebrations. Interested parties should email Kris@northpolehappo.com

Do you know anyone who would be game for this position?

Disclaimer – this post is a pure work of fiction and does not represent any job that has a salary attached to it. Kris Kringle, AKA Santa Claus is a fictional character as well. What is not fiction is HAPPO a great group of folks looking to help PR folks find employers, for more information, visit the site here. It also snows in the winter; it is a regular occurrence, not a sign of the apocalypse.

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