If You Don’t Have Something Nice To Say…

As many of you know, I speak my mind, sometimes without censorship, but I speak it.  Whether it is an attack on someone, talking about bodily functions, making fun of public figures, whatever, sometimes I have diarrhea of the mouth. It’s a blessing and a curse I guess, but I am learning to calm it down a bit. (I guess old age is setting in…)

I say it how I see it, regardless of what it is, and regardless of who is around me.  Sometimes that gets me in trouble, sometimes it doesn’t, but it always sparks a conversation, which is the point 99% of the time.

In the generation that we are currently living in, with Internet and blogs at our fingertips, sparking a conversation is easy. There are a plethora of people out there that probably feel the same way that you do or completely disagree, which is awesome. There are some posts on this blog that have sparked conversations for days and it’s amazing and only helps us all grow.

Now the problem with conversations online is that sometimes you don’t know who is talking to you.  It’s 2011 now.  If you are going to post a comment on a blog, whether negative or positive, say who you are.  There is no reason that someone should join in a conversation and be anonymous. Especially, if you say something so outlandish and are too chicken to show your face. Come on people.

Someone once told me that I was adding ‘Noise’ to twitter by my rude tweets, but at least it was me to back it up. One time I wrote a really rude comment on a blog and that person found out who I was and e-mailed me to my personal gmail address, which was ballsy, but I’m glad he had theoption to do that. I deserved it. Why was he able to do that? Because I said who I was.

I would never join a conversation with out someone knowing who I was and as you continue your journey through the blogosphere think I recommend you do the same. (Wo)Man up, it’s 2011.

Side Note: some of you may know my New Year’s resolution this year was not to lose weight, get abs, quit smoking, or really do anything beneficial to my body.  My resolution was to cut down the negativity, meaning, only say one bad thing about any person per day. Yes, it is hard. I’m rocking it out 😉

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