Tricks of the Trade: Elevator Etiquette

Elevators are one of those things that we all encounter at some point or another during our lives.  From the subway to the mall, there is an elevator almost everywhere you turn.  Sometimes frowned upon and looked at as pure laziness, if you are are going to step into an elevator, there are certain rules that all should take into consideration.

Going Up?– I know, I know, everyone wants to push the button in the lobby.  It’s a one of the most fun activities of the day for some people, mainly children under the age of eight.  However, if you see someone waiting at the elevator, with the little light illuminating on the UP light, there is no need to push it again.  By pushing the button again, you chance making everyone waiting for the elevator instantly think, “I already pushed it. It’s not coming any faster. Yes, I’m in a rush too. You just annoyed me before I even had my coffee.”

Excuse Me? – One of my biggest pet peeves is when people block the exit to the subway when it’s time for you to get off.  I plow through them. Unless someone is pregnant, elderly, or handicapped, if you think I am going to go around you, think again. Don’t be shocked if you get close to my elbow. Hey, see you at your next stop…not. Unfortunately, in an elevator this doesn’t quite work.  If you’re blocking the doors, don’t be scared to step off and then get back on. Trust me, the elevator will wait for you.

Can You Hold That? – It is polite to hold the doors for people waiting to get on.  I find myself doing that all the time, especially for women. Chivalry people.  I have no problem jumping on the elevator or stopping the doors from closing so I can get on.  Don’t give dirty looks to the person who made you wait an extra six seconds to your destination. He or she will just give you a dirty look back and stare you down until you exit.

Is Chivalry Dead? – Dear ladies of the elevator…As discussed before, chivalry is very important and shouldn’t be dead. HOWEVER, I understand that it is generally accepted to let ladies exit the elevator first, but I think this has to be suspended at times.  If a lovely lady is in the back corner of the elevator and it is full, there is no reason that the people closest to the door shouldn’t file out first. It’s okay men, I’m sure that the ladies will understand that one.

Can You Hear Me Now? – Love the tweets from inside company elevators, what an amazing idea and props to whoever started the one in the Conde Nast building months ago. You never know what you’ll overhear in an elevator, so honestly, keep it coming! Everyone needs some entertainment on their ride up or down. The fighting, the verbal sexting, the stock market gossip, you’re just adding to the fun!

What are some of your thoughts on elevator etiquette?

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