Top 10 Public Relations and Communication Job Boards

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As a recent graduate, I know that sometimes finding a job board is as hard as finding a job. There are tons of faulty job postings and spam cycling many job boards, and it can be frustrating to know that your resume or CV isn’t being looked at by those in the industry. In such an up and down economy people are becoming restless, so it’s important now more than ever that you’re looking in the right places when trying to find a job in PR.

General job boards such as Monster or Career Builder can be a good way to find a job, but you will quickly find that these jobs boards are extremely packed with candidates. Finding a job board devoted strictly to PR/communications will help narrow the field and give employers and prospective employees room to breathe.

PR Job Boards

PRSA Job Center – This job board is one of the most advanced for those in the PR/communications field. It not only lists available jobs, but it offers education and career resources for those new to the job hunt.

PR News – Here you can type in the job you are looking to find and then view a list of results. The site will tell you when the job was posted and has an easy way for a user to save a job in case he/she wanted to come back later.

PR Crossing – This site is unique because it allows you to filter jobs by state and then even city. It also houses international job postings for those hoping to leave the country.

The PR Coach – I think this is one of the easiest to use interfaces when it comes to a job board. You go to the site and are taken to the jobs right away. There is a small excerpt about the job, the company, and then where the job is located.

O’Dwyer’s – This job board does not have nearly as many job postings as the other job boards, but it’s great for someone who is looking for something small. You can filter by job function and state, or type in the job you’re trying to find.

Job Boards in Other Communication Fields

Journalism Jobs – You can’t get much larger than a website called “Journalism Jobs.” This job board not only advertises freelance jobs, but it also gives users the option of setting up an alert system and even finding an internship!

Media Gigs – This job board offers employment trends for someone in the industry looking to learn more. It outlines the most recent job postings on the first page and then allows a user to search further jobs if necessary. The jobs found here vary dramatically from designers to email marketing specialists, but it works well for something with a lot of experience.

Hoojobs – This is also one of the easier interfaces to deal with when looking for a job. You type in the job you want, the results show up, the button to apply is easy to find, and you’re ready to go.

Freelance Writing Jobs – This is probably my favorite site for writers. This site actually goes to all of the different job boards and puts quality job listings all in one place. When you click the link you are taken to the job board where the job was posted.

Blog Gigs – Despite the name, this job board also offers jobs in other media and communication fields. Currently, there are 17,463 jobs available through this site.

It is also worth noting that LinkedIn is a great place to find PR and communication jobs. I am a member of several different groups on LinkedIn that focus specifically on getting a job. Employers post jobs frequently and the number of people in the group is generally far less than what you would see at a job board. However, there have been several fake jobs listed since I have been receiving the LinkedIn updates in my inbox. Although they are usually caught pretty quickly, it’s something to keep in mind.

Have you ever used a job board to find a job? Which job board did you find helpful and which did you find to be a waste of time?

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