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Marketing is Dead, Here’s What’s Left

You know that scene in Beauty and the Beast where the village people break down the castle door? No? Here’s a refresher, it starts at 1:59.

That scene represents marketing of yester-year. Think of the giant tree stump as your brand message and the poor wooden door as the senses of the unsuspecting marketplace. For years marketers mercilessly participated in a full-on assault on all of our senses. It was effective, we think. But, dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the death of marketing, well at least as we know it and in its place, a new atmosphere that is in desperate need of some T-P-R-L-C (Tender Public Relations Love & Care).  Continue reading

Quoth the Lion King: Remember Who You Are: “Social Media Identity and the Real You”

Padlock and chain locked together on white background, close-upI fully expect this post will stir up heated emotions. Let the venom spewing begin because I’m going on a ledge here. I’m asking a question, looking for feedback and pointing out my own experience. Feel free to sound off.

Here’s the thought: Beware the identity “lockdown” in your social media identity.

In my undergrad I was subjected to lecture after lecture about the social media “lockdown” I must partake in or risk being ostracized from the job market for a pic of me with a beer, or *gasp* the fact that I have opinions.  I, like many of my young impressionable counterparts, cowered and said – okay  – immediately playing damage control.  Continue reading

Social Media + News Media

Corporate ConnectionsMost localized media outlets are baffled by the function of social media in their newsroom. There is a giant “huh?!” cloud hanging over the head of many newsrooms on how to start using social media (SM) in news workflows, use it correctly, and why it benefits a news brand.

“You mean I have to keep talking to my viewers even after my story airs?!”

The audacity, right?

I’ve spent three months in the newsroom of a top 20 market station expanding social media, I’ve narrowed down three tips for getting a media outlet’s SM platform off the ground. Continue reading