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Partners, Not Problems

Chess pieces and clockIf you were to ask me about my PR firm’s competition, you would only hear good things.


Eight years ago my friend and mentor Joan Stewart shared these words of wisdom with me that even in this economy I still believe ring true: “There’s enough business to go around.” I really took that idea to heart and have made a great effort to never turn away from, or ignore, other firms specializing in the same areas my firm does. Continue reading

Does your firm work as a team?

Woman and man with toy pistolsWhen I had my first interview with Co-Communications, Account Manager Danielle Cyr, looked me straight in the eye with an icy glare and said: “We are not competitive here. Are you competitive?”

After I almost wet myself out of sheer fear of Danielle (we are best buds now, don’t worry!), I thought “yeah, I am competitive! I used to dance, horseback ride, play the violin, compete in pageants. I love competition.”

Danielle went on to further explain. She had seen the ugly-side of competitive at other jobs. She had seen cutthroat, death-stare, whispering behind backs competition. Continue reading