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PR and “Pressing the Flesh” – Does Physical Presence Count Less than it Used to?

I’ve been getting out more lately. Out meeting clients and prospects at User Conferences and Trade Shows. Out making new contacts, engaging people in conversations and learning more about what makes customers and prospects tick within the vertical markets that we serve.  I’ve been out “pressing the flesh.”

A few years back I was the PR Manager for the State of Maryland’s two 529 college savings plans. If you are unfamiliar with a 529 college savings plan, basically it’s a financial savings investment vehicle with special tax considerations and incentives, designed to encourage saving for children’s future college expenses. My job as the PR Manager for Maryland’s plans was to make sure that:

#1:  the value of saving for future college expenses was top of mind for parents (and grandparents)
#2:  Everyone understood exactly how Maryland’s two 529 college savings plans worked,

It wasn’t an easy task. Continue reading