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PR In Every Day Life – What PR Taught Me About Wedding Planning

Bouquet © by ☺ Lee J Haywood

As public relations professionals we are often asked – what exactly is public relations? Personally, I find that my definition is evolving daily as I am constantly finding connections between the core rules of public relations and everyday situations.

Now, it may be that I have less a month until I officially “tie the knot,” but I have found at least three core rules that public relations and wedding planning have in common: Continue reading

Check and Balance in Every Situation

Businessman surrounded by crumpled paperI had a conversation last week with some really bright folks who run a social media agency in New York that works with several Fortune 500 brands. We got to discussing crisis communications within a real-time setting, and how they could effectively use social media to almost instantly respond to a crisis and mitigate its effects.

Throughout the conversation, we kept coming back to the point that in order to properly handle any type of crisis in real time, no matter what the brand or situation, you need a proper plan in place well before the crisis even hits. Because no matter what type of media you are using to monitor and respond, you always need a plan in place that details exactly how, who and why you will respond and the type of response you will give to different audiences to ensure their concerns are addressed appropriately. Continue reading