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Dear Flack: Battling the PR Funk

Boy (10-11) sitting on window sill, looking away, side viewAs I mentioned before, I have received a lot of job-related questions lately: Should I get a new job? I hate PR, what else can I do? I’m miserable at work, what are my options? And the list goes on.

It appears that a group of you are very unhappy. Well, before you start sending out massive amounts of resumes or slip the middle finger to a career in PR, it might be comforting to know that you might just be suffering from the PR funk.

Needless to say a typical day in the public relations biz can be an emotional rollercoaster, and we have all had “those” days. You know the ones where you look at the window and contemplate jumping out of said window? As fellow #PRBC-er TJ so eloquently puts it “some days really really suck like a sucktastic suckfest with a PhD in suck from Suck U.” Continue reading