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Are You a Singing Publicist?

Teenage girl singing karaoke in bedroomIs a love of music a pre-requisite for a successful PR career? At one point or another, you’ve probably tweeted your undying love for Pandora, grooveshark or blip.fm. Or told your friends and followers about that awesome new band you just discovered. And, we all know that singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs can be a surefire cure for a stress-packed day … whether you’ll admit it publicly or not, right?

Well, now you have a chance to put your vocal chops to good use for a chance to walk the red carpet! (That’s right, actually walk the red carpet. Not stand on the other side with a clipboard ushering people through the line.) The Tony Awards, Macy’s and CBS launched Macy’s Ticket to the Tony’s — a nationwide online contest in which one lucky fan will win the opportunity to walk the red carpet, attend and be featured on live television at the Tony Awards on Sunday, June 13th. Continue reading