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Your Audience is More Than One

TT grandstand
(CC) flickr // The Wolf

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar to you:

PR/Marketing Guy: So tell me, Mr. X, who is your company’s audience? Who is interested in what the Widget Factory has to offer?

Mr. X: Well, we consider our audience to be widget consumers, widget manufacturers, those who work in the widget industry and our own internal employees.

PR/Marketing Guy: Sounds like quite a diverse group. How will you be alerting all of these individual and distinct audiences of your upcoming big company announcement?

Mr. X: We were going to do what we always do: Blast out a generic e-mail announcement that goes to that entire group. That way, they all get the same exact message.

PR/Marketing Guy:

Frustrating? You bet. An exaggeration? Sadly, not even close.
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