This Week’s Top 5

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For those of you snowed in, or just bored over the weekend trying to play catchup on your PR Blogs, below you’ll find, in no particular order, PRBC’s top 5 posts of the week (by pageview) and a special video surprise from Mr. Schaffer.

And a special video from Mike Schaffer for #12for12K.  Mike braves this weekend’s snowpocalypse, K-9’s, and possible ridicule for our entertainment. :)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  • mikeschaffer

    I have a feeling I'm never living this one down…

  • PR Cog

    I'm sure one of these days I'll lose a bet and end up streaking through the PRBC clubhouse (located somewhere near Mecca (the Apple store on W. 14th) and it'll be on video. That may top this. :)

  • jeffespo

    Mike, there is no shame in the snow angel. I would not see this as a bad thing.

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