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Reducing Attribution Uncertainty

I’ve talked about measurement’s unsolvable problem before. Attribution is quite impossible with all of the complex and untraceable connections between our offline and online lives.

That being said, there is still plenty you can do to reduce your attribution problem. While you won’t be able to give credit to each and every piece of marketing or activity that led someone to purchase your product or visit your site, you will be able to reduce a great deal of uncertainty.Read the rest of this entry

Measure Twice (at Least), Act Once

When you’re beginning a new campaign, it’s important to think through and execute at least two rounds of measurement: preliminary research and results. (There is a good argument for measuring along the way to make adjustments as well, but these two should be your priority.) Once you have set your campaign goals (remember to makeRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

How Cher’s Closet Can Help You Measure Anything

Growing up, I watched the movie Clueless about once each week. I loved that movie. And seeing it on TV the other day reminded me of two things: 1) I missed a lot of drug and sex jokes when I was a kid, and 2) Cher’s closet can teach us a lot about measurement. YouRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Marketing Mixers May Need a Cooking Lesson

Lately my boyfriend and I have been getting into cooking. Nothing terribly fancy just yet, but we’ve been cooking homemade meals every night for a couple months now. Whenever we select a new recipe, I try to read a few reviews and get a sense of what worked and what didn’t from others. Maybe theRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

PR Needs a Moneyball Makeover

Even though The Lion King in 3D topped the box office this weekend, I raced to see the new Brad Pitt flick, Moneyball. I read the book on which the movie is based when I was in college just getting into PR and measurement. (If you haven’t yet read Michael Lewis’ book, Moneyball, I highlyRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Lazy Marketers and Faux Measurers Make Us All Better

Hear me out. The other day, Jay Baer wrote a blog post that made my blood boil. Absolutely boil. I’m sure my eyes bugged out at my desk, and I think I may have cursed a few times while reading it. But you know what? It made me think. Hard.  As did the comments, soRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Attribution: Measurement’s Only Unsolvable Problem

Education. Time. Budget. Resources. Foresight. Successful measurement and analysis is prone to numerous roadblocks. (What did I miss?) The big upside to the four problems I named: in an ideal situation these problems can be solved:Read the rest of this entry

Measurement Granularity Depends on your Goals

Sometimes I find myself thinking (and talking) in circles about measurement. Often when I get going on a new project or concept, I find myself lost in the weeds and forgetting the big picture. This, of course, is a deadly measurement sin. Where I most often get stuck is the nitty, gritty granular details ofRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Measurement and Data Analysis Should be Built into Culture

We keep hearing about “big data” lately. At least I do. Data is suddenly everywhere we turn, and more companies are popping up to help us collect and make sense of it. A few years ago, big data was for IT or analysts or nerds. Marketers and PR folks are slowly jumping on the bigRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Success Metrics Should Propagate Success

My boyfriend was recently asked to help review a new Masters program plan for a local university. Part of this plan included success metrics like the following: -       Number of students enrolled in the program -       Feedback on courses and professors from students (through annual surveys) -       Number of students who find employment (upon graduationRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry