So What You’re Really Trying to Say…

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I feel that people don’t understand “Sarcastic” language. I have been in numerous situations where I have had people really think that I was serious about what I said.

Honestly, do you really think that I, or anyone, is that dumb? It’s even gotten to the point where during one of my reviews I was told I have “holes” in my head. Really? Lighten up people.

For example, we all know that Manhattan is an island, you need to cross a bridge, swim, or take a tunnel to get on the island. I don’t ever suggest saying, “Really, Manhattan is an Island?” People really do not respond well to that phrase. You might get your head bitten off or laughed at…

Now I guess I can understand if you had written that to someone you barely knew, but when it is spoken most people should be able to catch on that you are being sarcastic.

Writing is a different story though. I feel that few people can really portray sarcasm in the written language, (My colleague T.J. Dietderich, is a master at this) So be careful who you try to write sarcasm to.

However, when you are writing sarcasm to people that you work with and see every day, they should be able to tell you are being sarcastic, not always the case.

For example, when an e-mail went around to all employees asking if I wanted to be in the Fantasy Football League, I responded via ‘Reply All’, “Yes, I win last year.” Joking around, being sarcastic, take it for what you want.  I was flushed back with replies saying “You ‘WON’ last year!”

Really? I “Won” last year? Obviously I know my tenses, I work in Public Relations for Christ’s sake. My one supervisor completely got it and started talking in a broken English accent for the rest of the day!

Why can’t everyone just be like my supervisor and get it? There really should be a font called “Sarcasm” just to emphasize words to the person!

Someone please get on that!

May the force be with you…