Another Milestone

At symbolSee that post down there, yeah, scroll down, that one — the one by Jess Greco announcing our new ‘Pitch Yourself’ program, that’s PRBC’s 100th post!  I know, it snuck up on us too.  (Anyone wishing to send gifts of spirits or other adult beverages, drop me  a note — we’ve got diverse tastes, whatever it is someone will like it).  In lieu of having a party for ourselves, we’re giving you, our wonderful readers, who we love to (hopefully) entertain, inform, and opine to on a weekdaily basis a gift — more of us!

After a little over a week in Beta test mode we’re publicly launching our Daily Mailing list.

As Seen On TV (only applies if you don’t actually own a TV) — Have the headlines, leads, and links for delivered to your Inbox every weekday morning at 7am (Eastern), if nothing breaks the system the night before.  In addition to the daily roundup of posts you’ll also get notices of any breaking-PR midday posts and an occasional mention within the mailing of an upcoming event we’re putting together ourselves or with one of our friendly cohorts (Speaking of — busy Friday, November 6th?)

To sign-up take a quick hop over to and fill out the form (and tell your friends)!  We’ll add our own page here this weekend, but we hate waiting to open gifts and decided to dive right in on this special day.

See you Monday morning.

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