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The Juggling Act

Line Up 2, a small, easy-to-learn game for the iPhone is one of my favorite iPhone apps for killing time.  It’s a very simple game that requires you to locate 3 or more blocks of the same color next to each other and tap them.  Simple right?  Rows continue to pile on from the bottom and if the top-most block hits the ceiling of the game screen your game is over.  As you advance in the game the rows pile on faster until you hit a certain score and then they slow down again.  Additionally, the longer the chain of blocks – the higher the score.  So if you see a very long chain forming as the rows pile on you have to determine if you should wait to get the most bang for your tap score-wise or if you should just tap tap tap along.  And did I mention you only get a set number of taps per round?

This simple game is a perfect analogy for the PR pro’s activities. Continue reading

Top 5 Posts You Probably Didn’t Read Last Week

Since I know all our PRBC readers are devout and only guarantee enough time each day to read our posts, I thought I’d direct all y’all to a few gems from last week you may have missed but definitely deserve some attention.  Please note there’s plenty of sarcasm in that last sentence :).

And so with no further adieu some fantastic posts from last week that you should spend some time with: Continue reading

Rules of the Road

I’ve hosted and been the honored and humbled guest at a few tweet/meetups for those coming into my city and when visiting other cities. Everything from small groups for coffee to much larger get togethers.  From everything I’ve seen and done there appear to be a few misconceptions a) on how these things actually happen and b) how much people think of themselves.  So let’s  review a few of the basics. Continue reading

The List

With the year winding down it’s that time of year – list season.  Top XX blog to follow in the new year, Top twitter users you should be paying attention to, Top New York canines who tweet about music you should follow.


Now being on a well curated list is exciting – a new audience finds your message and you can reach more people – both good things. Assuming you respect the person making the list all the better.

Now here’s the thing about making and building a list, and it’s based on a lesson my college newspaper boss told me during a period when we were having production issues (the images were constantly sub-par) – “Would you want your headshot printed if it came out like that?”  Do you want those on your list to be proud to be on the list?  If your list is of sub-par quality (by whatever standard you set) those who do belong there question whether they really want to be on it to begin with.

Consider, for example, Continue reading

Failure is a Learning Success

In our work, and personal lives, we’re constantly confronted with the question – whether stated or merely implied – will this work (or be good)?

This applies to marketing strategies, finding a favorite lunch spot, choosing a job, choosing an employee, deciding which route to take home, etc.  It’s pretty much the question you get across the board whenever trying (or reconsidering) something.

We can hedge our bets on these items to varying degrees.  It’s unlikely a very indirect route will be faster than shortest distance between points A and B – but will the interstate really be faster at rush hour?  Is the subway worthwhile if you’re only going 20 blocks and need to walk 8 to get to and from the stations (provided you walk at a decent clip and the weather’s nice)? Continue reading