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The Juggling Act

Line Up 2, a small, easy-to-learn game for the iPhone is one of my favorite iPhone apps for killing time.  It’s a very simple game that requires you to locate 3 or more blocks of the same color next to each other and tap them.  Simple right?  Rows continue to pile on from the bottom and if the top-most block hits the ceiling of the game screen your game is over.  As you advance in the game the rows pile on faster until you hit a certain score and then they slow down again.  Additionally, the longer the chain of blocks – the higher the score.  So if you see a very long chain forming as the rows pile on you have to determine if you should wait to get the most bang for your tap score-wise or if you should just tap tap tap along.  And did I mention you only get a set number of taps per round?

This simple game is a perfect analogy for the PR pro’s activities. Continue reading