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Summertime To-Dos

We have all heard of Spring cleaning and in the South, where I am from, we have freezer cleaning when it is hurricane season.(This basically means you use all of the items in the freezer so in case you lose power you don’t lose a lot of frozen items). Either way they are both dedicated times that you stop each year to focus on clearing out the clutter and reorganizing yourself.

While it is hard to stop in the PR world, summer is the perfect time to stop and clean up the shop. Add it to your Outlook calendar to save time for cleaning. Tackle those things that you wish you had time to do that would make life easier but you don’t have time to stop. Continue reading

We’ve been Nominated & Friday’s 5 (+3) • 18 June 2010

Letter V

For those of you haven’t caught it, PRBC has been nominated in Arik Hanson’s PR Readers’ Choice Awards for Up and Coming Blog. Take a look at the list in that category (and the others) for some great blogs and vote for your favorites.  I’m not saying I’ve got a favorite in the Up and Coming group – but if you vote for us I might send you a Unicorn :).

And with that, kick up your heels and enjoy our Top 5(+3) posts from this week (based on pageview and in alpha-order). Cheers!

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