The disease of Twitter…

Man Receiving InjectionDear Twitter,

How could you do this to me? I was a huge supporter of you, I loved you. I converted so many people to join you. I went through hundreds of people laughing at me and dealing with phrases like “Who Tweets?” Yet, I still prevailed and kept on tweeting. Twitter has been an amazing time for me. I absolutely love it, and have made some great friends from around the United States, England, and even Australia!

Unfortunately, the kindness was not returned to me. About two months ago, you infected me with a TwitterDisease and I have yet to see a prescription to fix it. This virus now makes me invisible to the twitter world, beyond my favorite followers. You can’t find me. I mean, you literally can not search for my tweets. I have to Google myself to find something that I have written in the past, and let me tell you, this is not convenient when I am on a deadline.

So you must be thinking, “Big deal, so what if @CTMichaels can not find his previous tweets?” Well it is a big deal, not only can I not find my tweets, but I also am not able to participate in any # conversations. Which means I can not participate in any #prbc, #prstudchat, or #thatsnotcool conversations. I am virtually an invisible member to people who want read what #prbc has to talk about, because they can not see me!

I have sent you numerous e-mails and even checked the Twitter help page, but I have gotten no response. Just let me know why, Twitter! I talk about amazing stuff, and if people can’t find it, how am I ever going to be discovered and become a game show host? (God knows we need someone good looking in that industry) I’m pleading. I am on my knees in my cube, begging for you.

Was it because I tweet too much about poop and colon cleansing? Did you not like my white pants? Was it because I excessively make fun of people? Did someone tell on me for making fun of them? Could it be because I do not follow @oprah or @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher). I just want to know why! I promise to follow @oprah if it will let me be able to communicate again with my colleagues, my coworkers, and my friends.

This is my last attempt, please give me a vaccine. If they can do it for swine flu, I’m pretty sure you can develop something in that little computer out in California. You just developed Twitter lists…Like that’s really important…#i’mjustsayin…

This is a sad face from me 🙁

May the force be with you…