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The disease of Twitter…

Man Receiving InjectionDear Twitter,

How could you do this to me? I was a huge supporter of you, I loved you. I converted so many people to join you. I went through hundreds of people laughing at me and dealing with phrases like “Who Tweets?” Yet, I still prevailed and kept on tweeting. Twitter has been an amazing time for me. I absolutely love it, and have made some great friends from around the United States, England, and even Australia! Continue reading

Can Publicists Be Friends?

Tension Between CoworkersIn a recent post, fellow PRBC-er Kate, posed the question: “Can publicists and journalists be friends?” It is an interesting issue that elicited a number of responses from our readers. It also made me question if publicists can be friends with other publicists.

During my former life within the music industry, my particular job was extremely competitive and we were all fighting over the same client pool. I met my very best friend on the planet while we both worked at competing agencies. We hit it off right away and we were able to relate to each other because we had the same job. Continue reading