Letter To The Editor

Quill pen and ink well

We’ve got another one folks — a letter to the editor, oddly enough in the (oh so dear to my heart) “Dear Editor” format.  The writer?  A “PR Gal” who would prefer to remain nameless.

Dear Editor,

This isn’t working out.  The whole You-Me-Client trio. This fable we  laughingly call a relationship.

I’m done.  Simply put – this is the worst relationship I’ve ever been in and I’ve dated some losers.  I’m sick and tired of living in fear of you, quivering at your number on my caller ID, and getting panic-stricken at the sight of your e-mail address rolling into my inbox.

You say “jump,” and I say “into what pile of poo?”

And before you start – I know what media relations is all about.  I’ve got reporters, editors, producers I adore and who I’d move heaven and earth for.

I get it – I’m here to make your life a little easier.  I’ve accepted that as my lot in M-F 9a to 6p and the occasional Saturday.  But here’s the thing Mr. Editor In Chief – you’d get a lot farther with the PR Pros you work with (and probably everyone you know) if you just ask nicely when you need something? Or (gasp) say “Thank You” when I so promptly deliver things you demand? I (almost literally) bend over backwards for you and get pretty much nothing in return. What is this mutually beneficial stuff I learned about in school and from my boss?

Oh, yes. And you’re busy. Guess what – SO AM I!

I’m sorry to say this just isn’t working out anymore.

Hugs & Kisses,

PR Gal

P.S. – In case you forgot, your little weekly isn’t The Wall Street Journal. Get over yourself.

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