Your Copy Sucks: A New Year’s Resolution

Woman Uncorking Champagne BottleAs we enter a new decade, let’s all make a pact right here, right now. Let’s stop saying “two thousand” when we say the year.

Guys, it’s 2010. That’s “twenty ten.” We’ve gotten away with saying “two thousand blah blah” for far too long. It’s ridiculous. No one at the turn of the last century was saying, “Oh dear me, I cannot wait for nineteen thousand oh-one!” By rights, we should have been saying “twenty oh-five” or whatever, but because the new millennium was such a big deal, I let it slide.

But no longer.

Think of how many syllables we’ve been wasting. “Two thousand” is three syllables right there, the same amount as “twenty ten.” We’ve been using 1 to 3 more syllables than are necessary ever since 2001. Add up all the time we’ve wasted pronouncing those syllables, and I’m pretty sure it would amount to a whole ‘nother decade.*

So for the new year, gain all the weight you want. Forget your gym membership. Don’t bother volunteering at the puppy shelter. Just do this one small thing. 2010. A new beginning.

* I am not sure at all, actually, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?

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