PR Pro’s New Year’s Resolutions

Boy and Girl in Party Hats Blowing NoisemakersIt’s that time of year again – time for reflection over the last 12 months, time to consider our victories and our losses, time for copious amounts of champagne and other adult beverages, and time to improve ourselves for the coming year.  And so, in no particular order (and with varying degrees of humor, sarcasm and (hopefully) wit)…

2010 (That’s pronounced twenty-ten) New Year’s Resolutions for PR Pros:

  • I (or we if you’re an agency) will not call anything a client does “cutting (or bleeding) edge,” “revolutionary” or the “next big thing.” If it really we’ll abide by the grade school writing rule – ‘show, not tell.’  We’ll allow our audience draw their own conclusions.
  • (This one’s an analogy) I’ll look at my Caller ID before I pick up the phone. We’re setting priorities, managing expectations, handling deadlines, etc. — we can’t get stuck on every phone call.  We’ll be prepared and looking ahead at the effects of what we do for the next day, week, month is of vital importance.  Look before you answer.
  • (This one’s courtesy Kate Ottavio) I’ll be as good at managing my own stress as my clients’. Sure it’s great to talk the client off the ledge when they flip out over a non-problem that won’t happen for three weeks — provided we don’t take their place.  Deep breaths, listen to your own advice to them and git ‘r done to solve the problem.
  • I’ll do my best to convince clients to stop: caring about their follower/fan count, being absolutely convinced Oprah could be the best thing for their brand or product, allowing clients to add headers/footers/page numbers to documents that will never see life on a sheet of paper, deciding they need a SM presence now because they heard about it on the radio (feel free to add more to the comments)…
  • I will read PRBC every weekday, sign up for the daily newsletter and try to attend at least two of the PRBC events in 2010.  Ok, so this one might go without saying.

So, how about it — what’s on your plate for the coming days….

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