Where do you find inspiration? Apparently I get mad

Businessman standing under light bulbI find inspiration to write PRBC blog posts in the strangest places at the oddest times. This one (not so strange or odd) was after a long day at the office while driving home on the parking lot us Connecticut-ites like to call I-84.

Let’s face it. We all hit a “wall.” Some of us blog daily, some weekly, some monthly. At some point inspiration runs a little thin…if not entirely OUT. Coming up with fresh blog posts all the time gets a little bit tiresome, draining and can be overwhelming. Even being surrounded daily by our topic of choice (PR and Social Media), we can be at a loss.

So I looked to my previous posts to find some inspiration. In hindsight, either I need anger management or I’m just passionate yet serious about my work. I’d agree to both. Take a peek at what I’ve got in the PRBC archive:

These posts listed are a tad bit fiery, yes? That’s fine. That’s cool. That’s me. I’m a feisty Sicilian.

What works for you? Where do you find your content? Where do you find your inspiration? I’m open to all suggestions here as I’m always looking for fresh content and new ideas!

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