Hometown Celebrity Spokesmen

Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki from MTV's popular Jersey Shore , joins her castmates at STK in LADoes everybody have a “celebrity” spokesperson from their town, organization, or something they are involved in? I feel like everyone has a connection to someone who claimed their “15 minutes.” From reality TV romances, to a big ass brawl that is being talked about for weeks, these “celebrities” are representatives of more than what they are portraying on television…They are representatives of you.  I could go on and on and say how Jerry Seinfeld went to my college, as did Al Roker, and Rob from Survivor All Stars, but I think it’s more fun to talk about the more directly connected ones to me.  I am interested to see who else is connected to the people that read this post.

Let’s start with a good representation.  Richard from the Bachelorette.  Richard was the nice guy, that made paper flowers for Dianna which made the world fall in love with him.  Kinda dorky, good looking, and yet still funny, Richard portrayed himself on the show as the nice, innocent guy.  A great representation, as he is one of my fraternity brothers from my college.  Knowing him before he was on the show, and then seeing him on the show was very interesting, but regardless, Richard made himself have a great image that represented Delta Sigma Phi – the fraternity that we were both in at SUNY Oswego.  Although, it was never mentioned on the show, but I can almost guarantee that the national office of Delta Sigma Phi would be proud of his portrayal on the show.

And the bad…I’m from upstate New York, well not Upstate, but north of New York City.  I grew up in a town outside of a “city” called Poughkeepsie.  Poughkeepsie, named for some Indians or something, Poughkeepsie has made tons of cameos in movies like ‘Gangs of New York,’ television programs like ‘Bewitched,’ ‘Law and Order,’ etc, and even made the lyrics of songs by artists like Something Corporate.  However, Poughkeepsie now has the latest of its “celebrity” status, and I’m so proud to have the honor of having this girl be it.  When people ask me where I’m from, I say Poughkeepsie, and instead of the “Uh, Where’s that?” I now get the line, “Oh Snookie!!!”

For those of you unfamiliar, Snookie is a cast member on MTV’s, The Jersey Shore…where no one on the show is from New Jersey, but that’s besides the point. Thanks Snookie! Thanks for declaring yourself, “The Queen of Poughkeepsie.” For the next two years you will come up in discussions whenever someone asks about my hometown.  So happy I will always be associated with you now!  Snookie, you sure can hold your liquor, which is something I’m very proud of, but yet, you sure as hell don’t know how to jump out of the way of a fist.  Come on Snookie, you seriously can’t jump out of the way of a fist?  Way to emphasize the fact that most people already think upstate New Yorkers are slow anyway.  Will you be someone that disappears from the fame?  I sure hope so.

Oh, and charging people from $2,000 to $10,000 for a public appearance? Come on Snookie. Thanks, much love, your neighbor. CT.

This is way better and newtworks should pick this up!

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  • Laney

    It's amazing how these “reality stars” work their 15 minutes. From my hometown in Jacksonville, Fl, we have a Biggest Loser participant…I dont even think she was a winner but whenever they talk about weight loss on the local news she pops up. It drives my mom crazy because well she has a trainer, nutritionist and personal chef and THEN gets money for these appearances….to continue paying for them I suppose.

    Oh I also went to college with Ibiz from Road Rules…man did her sorority milk her appearance during recruitment.

  • I hate that one person (who is not talented) can give an entire city a bad rap, and then continue to be referenced within that hometown, reinforcing their 15 minutes of fame.

    Like you mentioned, it can also help though- I'm from Wilmington, Delaware. People always ask where that is or what is there, but now I just say “It's where Joe Biden is from.”

  • Lex_D

    I'm not sure how this reflects on me, but Steve Wiebe — the guy who went for the world high score on arcade Donkey Kong — is from my hometown … and I get really excited about it.

    When I was watching the documentary about it (Fistful of Quarters), I remember being glad that Steve was from my hometown instead of the jerk who actually held the record, Billy Mitchell.

    I'm sure people think “Microsoft” or “Nintendo” when they hear Redmond (as opposed to “Steve Wiebe”), but still. Steve was a better ambassador, which is what I think you're getting at in this post.

    And yes, I fully realize how nerdy this makes me sound.


  • i peed a little reading this. lol. donkey kong!

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